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I am a Women’s Fitness Instructor
My name is Hanna and I love training. I grew up in Sweden. Growing up there, it was natural for me to develop a love of sport from an early age.

Foot work

ShapeUp's Vision is a female-focused fitness vision: To help women feel better.

Heart rate

To help women look better.

Weight lifting

To get in ShapeUp shape through enjoyable hard work and a good diet.

Shapeup Classes

OutDoor classes in the park

Tuesday/Thursday – St Enda’s Park – 09:30 & 19:00 – Female Fitness Outdoor HIIT Circuit – Bootcamp Style – Freeweights – Kettle Bells – Body weight exercises – Wide variety of Hanna led exercises and movement. Full Body Workout.

Indoor Classes

Monday – DLS – Churchtown 20:15 – Circuit HIIT Class – Mixed Levels – Suitable for all fitness Levels 50 minutes. Female Fitness – Indoor – Free weights – kettle bells – dumb bells – TRX (bands that hang) – core work – weight loss – flexibility, strength training.

Personal training

Achieve your goals the sensible way

While many Personal Training programs demand extreme dieting to gain traction, I believe that desired results can be achieved with the application of some intelligent, and healthy eating habits and, of course, some perspiration.

Mother & baby

6 Weeks Tuesday  & Thursday St Enda’s Park 10:30.  Specially tailored post-natal classes. Taught by a Mum for Mums. Female fitness expert. Fun, great work out and outdoors. Supportive atmosphere

Work Workouts with Hanna

Putting the work in workouts The people who surround us daily can have a huge impact on our lives. And, for most of us, we spend long hours in shared spaces with our work colleagues. There is a growing emphasis on wellbeing at work, some of this looking at mental health and stress, but another

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fitness training outdoors for women

Green Exercise

Everyone has been talking about the green wave since the recent elections. It seems everything is going green, our cars, our energy, our meals, and now we have green exercise. I didn’t realise it had a name until recently, but it seems exercising in nature has been dubbed green exercise. And I’m all for it!I

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What Shapeup Clients say

I have only been in Hanna's class for about 5/6 weeks and I love it she is a brilliant instructor and can push me even when I don’t realize it. I am enjoying my new fitness experience and I do two night and now I feel ready for three. Thanks Hanna


Would highly recommend Hanna's shapeup classes, suitable for all fitness levels as you can go at your own pace. Hanna always gives 100% and changes the class up each time so they never get boring. Exercise I actually look forward to doing and she's also a lovely girl. Keep up the good work Hanna


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