It's time to Shape UP

I am a Women’s Fitness Instructor
My name is Hanna and I love training. I grew up in Sweden. Growing up there, it was natural for me to develop a love of sport from an early age.

Foot work

ShapeUp's Vision is a female-focused fitness vision: To help women feel better.

Heart rate

To help women look better.

Weight lifting

To get in ShapeUp shape through enjoyable hard work and a good diet.

Shapeup Classes

ShapeUp Indoor Class

  • Rathfarnham Educate Together National School
  • Tuesday @ 6pm & 7:30pm – Higher Level Fitness
  • Tuesday @ 6:45pm Beginners Friendly (Booked Separately – 6 Week Course)
  • Bring a Weight, Kettlebell, Dumbbell and a Mat
  • Full body Circuit, HIIT, and Core

Personal training
In-person or Online

Achieve your goals the sensible way

While many Personal Training programs demand extreme dieting to gain traction, I believe that desired results can be achieved with the application of some intelligent, and healthy eating habits and, of course, some perspiration.

OutDoor classes in the park (Places Limited, so please get in touch first)

St Enda’s Park – Tuesday/Thursday – 09:30am | Saturday 9:15am OR 10am | Bushy Park – Tuesday/Thursday – 6:30am | Rathfarnham Shopping Centre Monday/Thursday 7pm | Female Fitness Outdoor HIIT Circuit – Bootcamp Style – Freeweights – Kettle Bells – Body weight exercises – Wide variety of Hanna led exercises and movement. Full Body Workout.

Mother & baby

6 Weeks  St Enda’s Park Tuesday 10:30am.  Specially tailored post-natal classes. Taught by a Mum for Mums. Female fitness expert. Fun, great work out and outdoors. Supportive atmosphere. Next start date – Tuesday the 16th of January 2024. Limited places.

Google Reviews

Grainne Curtain
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Absolutely love Shapeup Hanna’s classes. Each class is different but always enjoyable and always challenging. Hanna has a way of conducting classes with motivation and encouragement in equal measure and is an absolute professional in this field. Couldn’t recommend these classes highly enough! Looking forward to 2021!
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I’ve being doing Hanna’s classes for a few years now and love them. However, Covid hit last year, we went into lockdown and zoom took over! Doing Hanna’s classes on zoom were a life saver for me. Initially I was apprehensive but for me they’ve been a game changer. Hanna has an incredible work ethic and is always looking for ways to improve and adapt her classes for the benefit of her clients. I’ve really embraced her classes and in particular the strength classes. For me gaining more strength and improving my muscle tone have become so important, when we reach our forties and beyond it becomes even more important as we lose bone density and muscle mass at a much faster rate!! Hanna’s classes have really pushed me and I’ve achieved so much from doing the strength classes . I feel fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been.
Hanna Laitinen
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I joined Hanna's boot camp first on zoom in October 2020 as Ireland was in lockdown. I had heard good things about her sessions in St Endas Park and needed something to keep me going during lock down. I was surprised how effective the format was. The scheduled online classes worked really well for me (better than recorded) and there was plenty of days and times to choose from. I am pretty active and do quite a bit of running but I have to say that during the six week lockdown I saw a huge improvement in my fitness and energy levels. Hanna is motivating and pushes you to work harder without the shouty army style of some boot camps. She gives positive encouragement and clear instructions and adapts her classes to fit different fitness levels. I now do a combination of classes in the park and on zoom. Shapeup Fitness is very flexible, so easy to join and so effective!
Angela K
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I started personal training with Hanna in June 2020, having decided to overhaul my lifestyle after two children and little exercise for 4 years. I was very low in confidence and felt encumbered by my weight and lack of energy. I can honestly say that after my first session with Hanna I was hooked! She is so encouraging and pushes just a little more each session to keep building fitness levels. I quickly felt my strength and energy levels building and with that my confidence returned, I feel like the me of 10 year ago only better! Training with Hanna has been the best investment in myself I have made. I have lost 2 stone in weight but significantly have improved my well-being and positive attitude. If you are wondering about personal training I strongly suggest you talk to Hanna, it could be the push you need for a happier you.
Henna Kinsella
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I'm not a gym goer, struggle to motivate myself to run and have found it difficult to get into something that I enjoy. I joined Hanna's class 6 months ago and I am totally hooked! The classes are tough, but so varied and a great combination of different exercises. I've noticed a huge difference in my strength. Hanna is also just so nice and friendly and will make everyone feel good and welcome. Highly recommend!
Sinead Fox
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As a busy mum of 4, I came across Hannas bootcamp when I was walking in St. Endas park just over 3.5 years ago. Having not exercised in 17yrs since I’d had my son, I was a bit apprehensive about joining. Hanna and the class made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Along with getting fitter and stronger I’ve also gained a new confidence about myself. No two classes are ever the same and you always feel amazing afterwards which I find is so important for mental health. I really look forward to and enjoy her classes and she has so many options for class times/places/payment options to suit everyone. Come along yourself ands see you’ll be so glad you did 😁
Sinéad Jorquera
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I joined Hanna’s classes over a year ago now, and was hooked straight away! Hanna knows how to mix it up and keep the classes fun and interesting. I love the morning classes. It is the best start to the day! I feel so much better, in so many ways, since starting these classes. Thank you so much Hanna!
Marie Melody
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Ive done Hanna’s class now for 6 months or so and it’s amazing to see how much my fitness has improved from a relatively recent mum. She’s kept us all motivated in her fun classes, both in the park and online. It’s been so important this year for both my mind and body. She’s adapted so well and much to all the covid changes to try and keep her everyone active. It’s been a life saver. Thank you Hanna for all you’ve done for us. Highly recommend her classes

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What Shapeup Clients say

I have only been in Hanna's class for about 5/6 weeks and I love it she is a brilliant instructor and can push me even when I don’t realize it. I am enjoying my new fitness experience and I do two night and now I feel ready for three. Thanks Hanna


Would highly recommend Hanna's shapeup classes, suitable for all fitness levels as you can go at your own pace. Hanna always gives 100% and changes the class up each time so they never get boring. Exercise I actually look forward to doing and she's also a lovely girl. Keep up the good work Hanna


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