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Indoor Fitness Classes
Let's Get Strong

Indoor Fitness Classes
Let's Get Strong

indoor female fitness classes dublin
As much as we love HIIT here at ShapeUp, Lifting weights is also crucial, especially as us women get into slightly older age.
I have a huge passion for the gym and weights and I have always had since a very young age. 
Nothing like feeling strong in your body and mind. 
So therefore I've designed this indoor class on Tuesdays where we will focus on Strength and Conditioning 
I can't promise there will be no running or HIIT but there will be less and we will focus on strengthening the full body. 
Using equipment such as kettlebells, battle ropes, Dumbbells, medicine balls and much more. 

You need to simply try this class to see for yourself. 
This class combined with any of my outdoor classes is simply a winner.

Let's get strong. 
  • womens fitness trainer indoor classes

    1 x Indoor Class per week for 4 weeks

  • womens fitness trainer indoor class

    1 x Indoor Class + 1 x Outdoor Class p/week over 4 weeks

  • womens fitness trainer indoor fitness class

    1 x Indoor + 2 x Outdoor Classes p/week over 4 weeks

Female Fitness Trainer based in South Dublin. Over 13 years experience. Fitness classes indoor or outdoor and personal training all available, all year round.
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