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Mother & Baby Fitness Class
Get fit together!

Mother & Baby Fitness Class
Get Fit Together!

mother & baby fitness classes dublin 6
mother & baby fitness class churchtown

ShapeUp Mother & Baby

The perfect class for you to ease you and your body back after having a baby.

**It's important to wait 6 weeks and get the all clear from your GP before you can start.**

Sometimes your body might need a little longer to heal and that's ok, you can start this class anytime from 6 weeks to 1 year postpartum.

The classes are tailored to the NEW mum and we only do suitable exercises to get you back on track.

It's also a nice way to meet other Mums & babies, we are located just outside the cafe in St Endas Pk so a coffee/tea chat after is a nice way to connect with other Mums.

Also the fresh air is super beneficial to both you and your baby, the babies are often snuggled up in their buggies fast asleep.

Hanna has 3 children herself, and has always worked out through pre and post pregnancy, so she has very good knowledge about the female body and what the extra needs are after going through both pregnancy and giving birth.

Hanna also has a National Qualification in Pre and Post Natal Exercise from 2014 on top of many of her other qualifications and has worked with many pregnant and new mums over the years.

"I just love helping women stay fit through pregnancy and get them back on track after having a baby as I know it's important and that the extra energy that comes from moving your body to help with the sometimes very tiring first couple of years after having a baby."

So bring your mat and join us for our next course.
I was very nervous about getting back out after having my first baby. Hanna’s class was the perfect opportunity for me to go to something with my baby, with other women, and to build my confidence back. There is no pressure and you can go at your own pace depending on how you are feeling. Hanna keeps the group at a smaller size so she knows each participant. She is on hand to help if your baby gets fussy or needs some entertaining! The babies love being outside and sleep well after the class. Hanna is a mother herself and understands what’s going on for new mums! Such a lovely bunch of girls to have coffee with after too! Highly recommend for any new mums- exercise, fresh air for mum and baby and support from other mums!
Really enjoy Hanna's Mum and Baby classes. It's been a really great way to ease myself back into exercise after having my baby. Would really recommend! Thanks Hanna!
mother & baby fitness classes dublin
  • ShapeUp Mother & Baby Class

mother & baby fitness classes dublin 6w
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Female Fitness Trainer based in South Dublin. Over 13 years experience. Fitness classes indoor or outdoor and personal training all available, all year round.
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