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The Story Behind ShapeUp Fitness

ShapeUp Fitness owner Hanna Nytomt featured in the ‘Irish Independent’ in September 2014, when she first decided to set up a bootcamp for pregnant women. Here’s an excerpt from that piece, by Gillian Fitzpatrick

This urge to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy has even prompted leading personal trainer Hanna Nytomt, herself 24 weeks pregnant, to develop a six-week bootcamp course specifically for mothers-to-be. It begins later this month in south Dublin – and most of the places have already been snapped up.

“I’ve had dozens of expectant mothers attend my ShapeUp classes in the past – so with me having my third baby now, it’s the perfect time to kick off a six-week pregnancy programme,” Hanna explains. “The classes will involve, naturally enough, exercise and working out with a bump, but there’ll also be time to discuss diet and nutrition – and I’m hoping mums-to-be will be swapping tips and making it a bit of a social occasion as well.”


Even for those you can’t make a weekly class, Hanna says that doing something is always better than doing nothing. “Lots of women are concerned about back pain – but back pain is only made worse by sitting on the couch watching TV. Movement will help keep your body flexible and prepare you for labour.”

Most of Hanna’s current crop of dedicated clients would agree that already passed the half-way point, her stomach remains enviably flat.

“I feel so good,” the 30-year-old shares. “No one believes me when I tell them how far along I am in my pregnancy. It’s definitely down to how active I am – I’ve trained throughout all my pregnancies and this one is no different.”

And although someone who works out for a living can be expected to be in tip-top shape, Hanna, who lives in the capital with her husband Stephen (38) and two young children, says that no one needs specialist equipment or a high-level of fitness to exercise.


“I love water aerobics, and of course walking is brilliant because it doesn’t cost anything and is ideal for pretty much everyone. Even for a woman who is overweight or has never been physically active before, it’s an activity which is very manageable and safe throughout pregnancy.” 

Hanna says she felt comfortable right up until the latter weeks of her previous pregnancies: Axel is now six-and-a-half, with Alice (5) arriving 18 months later. 

“I’m young and fit, but I stopped working out a little after the eight-month mark with both of them, probably because at that stage like a lot of women I felt very tired and rest was the only thing on my mind!”

Finally, though Hanna is still demonstrating the exercises in her classes now, she won’t be rushing back to the gym blindly.

“Exercise is vital before and during, but I tell every woman – no matter how in shape they are – that afterwards they do need to give themselves at least six weeks recovery time before working out again. Your body just needs that time-out following child birth.”

Female Fitness Trainer based in South Dublin. Over 13 years experience. Fitness classes indoor or outdoor and personal training all available, all year round.
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